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Please Note: All skin care and waxing appointments must be made my phone


        Ultimate Custom Facial


Includes thorough consultation, double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, décolleté and arm/hand massage, facial massage, moisturizer, spf, and home care follow up routine.

Firming Peptide Facial


This facial combines peptides and antioxidants that promote cellular renewal in the skin.  Amino acids help boost your skin’s energy to keep your skin young.  Powerful enzymes protect and remove toxins and free radicals.  Good for skin that appears dull, sagging, and has UV damage.

Bridal Glow Facial


Our Peptide facial combined with a jelly mask and under eye treatment to ensure that you're radiant and rested on your special day!

        Gentleman's Facial


Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize.


       Mini Facial 


Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize

       Back Facial



Microcurrent Packages

10-12 sessions, once weekly-recommended

Prepay for every 5 sessions required.


   Microcurrent Anti-Aging Facial

Low-grade electrical currents “train” your facial muscles to appear more lifted, tightened and firm.  Nicknamed the “non-invasive facelift”


    Microcurrent Anti-Aging Facial with Mild Peel  


Combine the tightening effects of a Microcurrent Facial with the benefits of Glycolic! 

Microcurrent and Peptide Facial Combo


Combination of microcurrent and a Peptide facial which combines peptides and antioxidants to promote cellular renewal in the skin.  Increase muscle tone, radiance, and reduce UV damage.

   Microcurrent Series of Treatments

Price determined after free consultation

GeneO Facial

OxyGeneO Facial


3 in 1 super facial.  

  • Natural oxygenation, gentle exfoliation, and infusion of nutrients.

  • Ultrasound, which helps to shrink pores and lift skin.

  • Relaxing neo-massage, which reduces inflammation and enhances blood flow with lymphatic drainage.

       The only skin-activated facial.  Unlock your skin’s natural ability to oxygenate and rejuvenate from within. OxyGeneo provides the exfolitiation benefits of microdermabrasion plus deep facial rejuvenation with the infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients and healing skin oxygenation from within.  The treatments are beneficial for all skin types and can be tailored to specific skin concerns or sensitivities. 

GeneO OxyPods react with GeneO Primer Gel to gently exfoliate the skin and create a bubbly, CO2-rich environment on the skin’s surface.  The body responds by sending a surge of oxygen to the skin, which creates ideal conditions to nourish and transform the skin from the inside out.

Ultrasound waves create micro-vibrations that instantly smooth the skin and increase the permeability of the skin’s protective layer, enabling better nutrient absorption.


A relaxing hands-free massage sculpts the face, delivering instant reduction of redness and puffiness while infusing Geneo’s active ingredients even deeper into the skin. 



        Add Dermaplaning to to any facial


Add Hydrojelly mask



Add Under-Eye Mask



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