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Lash FAQ


We’re so excited for you to experience eyelash extensions for the first time! Whether you’ve already booked your appointment or are still looking for the perfect lash artist for you, we’ve got you covered.


We wanted to clear the air on some of the common questions that everyone asks before their first lash appointment! Don’t worry, you’re not the first or the last lash enthusiast to ask these questions before their first lash appointment. Your lash artist will be both impressed and relieved when you come prepared and excited for a fantastic experience at your first lash appointment.


Here’s everything you need to know before you arrive at your lash appointment:


Can I wear makeup to my lash appointment?
It’s required that your eye area be clean and completely free of makeup. You can wear moisturizer and foundation but no under eye concealer, mascara, etc. Your lash artist will require you to remove any makeup around your eye area before the start of your appointment. Come prepared with a clean face so your artist has the most time possible to spend on your lashes.


I can’t leave my house without mascara, I really can’t wear any?
Correct! Now, we know that you’re busy and so if you’re coming from work or running errands, please arrive to your appointment early to clean your lashes onsite so when your lash artist is ready to start your lashes, you’re ready to go!


What should I wear to my lash appointment?
omfortable clothes! You’ll likely be sitting or laying down for between 2-3 hours depending on the length of your appointment.


How long are eyelash extension appointments?
-You’re very first lash appointment will be a full set of lashes (aka a fresh set) and will take around 2 ½ to 3 hours to complete. If you’re going to get your lashes filled or for a fill (aka adding more lashes to an existing lash set) it will take between 60 minutes to 2 hours, depending on look and lash artist speed.


Should I curl my natural lashes before my lash appointment?
-Nope! Lash artists prefer to work with your natural lashes in their most natural state! Your natural, straight lashes are better for the adhesive to bond and hold the lash extension.


Should I bring my headphones?
-Absolutely! If you’re planning to listen to music during your appointment then you’ll need to provide your own headphones and music listening device. Have a few playlists lined up as you won’t be able to open your eyes during the appointment. We suggest more soothing music, your lash artist won’t want your head bobbing along...


Should I bring my phone with me?
-Yes, bring your phone but make sure and silence all text or phone call notifications. It’s just a distraction for you and your lash artist!


What happens if I fall asleep? Is that okay?
-Absolutely! Some lash artists prefer when their clients fall asleep. Don’t worry about falling asleep, your lash artist wants you to be as comfortable as possible during your appointment! (Lash naps are the best naps… ;) )


Can I wear my contacts?
-We suggest removing your contacts when you arrive at your appointment just to ensure as little irritation during your appointment as possible.


Should I wash my lashes?
-YES! Washing your lashes once per day with a lash-safe cleanser (hint: like the Borboleta Lash Bath) will not only extend the life of your lashes but will keep them clean and looking fresh each day! It will also help prevent any irritations and bacteria!

So what is the difference between the three? And how do you know which one to pick for yourself? 


Classic lashes are a 1:1 ratio. We apply only one eyelash to the top of each natural lash. If you already have full lashes, this might be a good option for you if you’re wanting to add more length to what you currently have. Classic lashes are a good place to start out if you’re unsure about which set you should choose. With classic lashes we can customize your look with different lengths and curls. 


Hybrid lashes are a mixture of classic lashes and volume lashes. We do a one to one ratio, and we also add in volume fans! So you’re truly getting the best of both worlds! You can also mix different lengths and curls in with a hybrid set! They look full, but have length to them as well! 


Volume lashes, also known as Russian Volume, is the most dramatic out of the three. The lashes used in this method are much thinner than what is used in the classic set, so that allows us to place more lashes on top of your natural lash safely! Volume lashes are fluffier and more lightweight.  If you have sparse lashes, gaps in your lashes, or just want a full or dramatic look, then volume lashes may be the best choice for you! We hand make each individual fan that is placed on top of your natural lash.


All three are excellent choices and customizable to each client! You aren’t just confined to one particular set! Feel free to experiment with the other sets so you can figure out which one you like the best!

What is the difference between 2 and 3 Week Fill?

-A two week fill is scheduled two weeks after your initial visit.  The price is a little bit less because you will have lost fewer lashes at 2 weeks and it is a shorter appointment time.  If you wait three weeks, you will have more lashes to replace and your time slot will need to be longer.


Why is there a different price for a New Client Fill?

-Many times when a client comes from having lashes done at other locations, there is corrective work to be done and that takes a little bit longer for the initial fill with them!  Booking a longer service ensures that your lashes will look their best and that your retention will be up to our standards.

What are your lashes made out of?

-Our lashes are faux mink. They are made up of unique synthetic yarn fibers which make them super soft and light. Borby lashes are a deep matte black and never lose their curl.

What are flat lashes?

-Flat lashes are eyelash extensions that are flat at the base. They are only available in classic diameters.   They give a seamless blend with your natural lash and look the most natural.

Are your adhesives FDA approved/medical grade?​

-There is so much controversy with this question. Although our adhesive is pure, because it is not used for medical purposes, we cannot claim our products are medical grade

How Can I improve the retention of my lashes?

-Let’s talk about long-lasting lashes! Fills are inevitable, but there are things you can do to help retention. Always remember the golden rule: Clean lashes are longer lasting lashes. Clean lashes will help the adhesive form a stronger bond on your natural lash. Lucky for you, Borboleta has all the tools you need to keep your lahse squeaky clean. 
Second, be gentle with your lashes! In the day, avoid rubbing, picking or pulling your lashes. At night, don’t sleep on your face! And get a sleep mask that protects your lashes.

Lastly, using a product like Borboleta Lash Serum can reduce lash shed, as well as strengthening your natural lash and letting them get longer. This enables you to get a fuller, longer set, and will often reduce the frequency of fills since your natural lashes stay in the growing stage for longer!

Aftercare Instructions

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